The photographs in As I See It in Black & White not only stir our emotions, but provide us with a window in which we view some of the most spiritual and awe-inspiring places in the world. Looking at Dave's rich imagery brings back many wonderful memories of my own travels, and reminds me of just how small the world has become. His images invite us all to participate in his experience.

—Herman Leonard
Renowned Jazz Photographer

When viewing Dave Black's photographs, you immediately notice how beautiful each one is, with the various colors and forms seamlessly integrated as cohesive elements of the composition. The images are balanced, but not static—energetic, but not chaotic. They combine strength with refinement. While each image stands on its own merits, taken together they transcend their individual strengths to call forth a remembrance and reverence for our shared humanity.

—Christopher Burkett
Renowned American Landscape Photographer

As I See It, by Dave Black, offers a remarkable, whirlwind adventure around the globe. The carefully composed and finely crafted images offer clear testimony that Dave is no stranger to either travel or photography. As a renowned percussionist by trade and passion, he reinforces the intimate relationship between music and photography. I have exposed a great deal of color film in my 40-plus years as a photographer and am well aware of the technical challenges and limitations with which Dave has masterfully dealt.

—Alan Ross
Renowned American Landscape Photographer

Recently, I composed a piece based on the great photographic images of Ansel Adams. He, too, was a musician and discovered a similarity of concept in photography. A composer thinks in terms of tonal contrast, harmony, and form. Igor Stravinsky once said, "The faculty of creating is never given by itself. It goes hand-in-hand with the life of observation." Through his photographs, Dave Black invites us to observe the world through his artistic, selective eye. A single image can evoke memories and emotions, proving once more the truth in the old adage, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

—Dave Brubeck
Jazz Legend, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Recipient, and 2009 Kennedy Center Honoree

As I See It is a harmonious collection of vivid travel photography by talented photographer Dave Black, whose professional career as a musician and composer has taken him to many of the Earth's most exciting destinations. Enjoy the diversity of our world through this collection of colorful glimpses into foreign cultures and exotic lands.

—Elizabeth Carmel
Hasselblad Master Photographer Award Winner

When looking at an artist's work, what we hope to walk away with is their unique perspective of viewing the world. What we ultimately want is a new way of seeing or thinking about a particular subject or place. Dave's unique and colorful images in As I See It accomplish this goal beautifully, giving all of us a new window in which to view the world.

—Mitch Dobrowner
Multiple PX3 and IPA/Lucie Award Winner

These photographs by Mr. Black convey much more than mere visual descriptions. They bring the true essence of special and beautiful places directly to the viewer, as if being there in person. Highly recommended!

—John Wimberley
Renowned American Landscape Photographer

I've been to many of the places Dave has photographed, but the detail and point of view of his pictures show me I missed a lot. It's an incredible body of work and I could not take my eyes off the computer screen as one by one, the photographs, black and color, scrolled by. Truly the work of a mature artist who sees beauty in the world around him, wherever he is.

—Morty Manus
President, Alfred Music Publishing Company